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Product Evaluation & Review

It is important for businesses to understand the product they have built. Bryan offers a third-party perspective, unbiased by any hidden agenda or bias. He will help you build better products by sharing his honest and invaluable feedback.

Bryan will help you understand how people think about your product or business. He will engage with it and put himself in the shoes of your users. Through this process, he will be able to provide valuable insights into how to make your product better.

Internal Product Evaluation

Internal product evaluations are designed for the company to receive valuable feedback that can be utilized for further product development or understanding.

  • Comprehensive value analysis of the product/service/offering
  • Checklist on key areas
  • Pricing feedback and suggestions
  • Enhancement feedback and suggestions
  • Optional - organized feedback evaluation with larger key audience
Pricing varies depending on depth and time of product evaluation

External Product Review

Are you looking to have your product reviewed and shared with the public through a blog post, social media postings, live sessions, or video? Bryan's external product reviews are professionally produced and are a great way for your product to stand out.

  • Choices include blog post, social media post, live session, video post
  • Professionally produced content
  • With an audience of over 30,000 educators, your product will receive the attention it deserves
  • Unbiased review
  • Unboxing video/livestream
Pricing varies depending on depth and time, and scope of review

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